Back to work

It’s been more than two years since I posted. Well, I’ve had a real day job, which explains a lot. But the theme going forward I think will change, from random posts to how I am traveling to the state of financial freedom.
It’s not always the big steps you take, although I have done those as well but sometimes just little steps that gain tiny victories.
Like today, my one day of the week of relative freedom to do what I want.
It’s usually just a drive through the back roads to next town over to shop at the thrift store, stop by the library and gas up for the coming week. Sometimes I’ll go yard saling but the main point is to be alone with the windows down (today I could smell honeysuckle as I drove down my favorite back road) and listen to the radio or just the birdcry.
Today’s very small victory was a yard sale find of a brand new Calphalon raoster and rack in the back, never used for two bucks. On sale it was $70 according to the sticker on the box. Very nice!
I have been roasting a lot of chickens lately for two reasons: they can make about six meals and then I save the bones to make bone broth for my daughter who has been feeling pretty punk lately.
I somewhat believe in The Secret and try to surround myself with the feeling of wealth with new things. But I also like to use it up and wear it out before I throw it out. And I don’t usually throw it out …if it’s at all useable I like to find someone else who can use it and keep that carbon footprint to a minimum.
Anayway, that’s all for today, a small victory but it meant a lot to me.